Orientation tour

Orientation tour

When professionals are relocating for 12 months or more and whether renting or making a house purchase we often recommend an orientation tour service. This gives our clients a better experience and understanding of what life will be like living in a new location. Orientation tours help clients to make decisions about areas of preference, types of property options, cost of living and lifestyle choices. What are the main differences between orientation tours and home search tours?

With a home search tour you will see properties in one or two locations (usually within close proximity of each other) and you will likely make a decision after your visit on which property you’d like to make an offer on, whether purchasing or renting. An orientation tour is undertaken before a home search tour and you won’t necessarily see the property you will move into.

The process of Citrus Orientation tours

• Completion of a relocation questionnaire which we would forward to you to understand your requirements
• You are taken out on a tour of your potential locations with local experts
We look at living costs in different locations including transport costs to and from work
A sample of different types of houses and flats are viewed to clarify the decision about your intended property style
Visiting different agreed areas with the intended purpose of choosing one or two locations
Explain the culture and community feel of multiple areas
• Look at potential school options for your children
See what social and leisure activities are available in the area
Check the medical, shopping, bank and transport facilities are nearby

An orientation tour with Citrus

At Citrus you can expect the same relocation consultant to manage your move from beginning to end. We take pride in our personal approach where assignee’s feel they can ask any question about their move. Each orientation tour is designed around our assignee and their families needs.

We think about every detail, from the journey time to work, to the proximity of schools or the need for a parking space. On every tour clients will be sent an itinerary the day before they are taken out. On the day clients are collected by their relocation consultant and driven round prospective areas however in some cases a chauffeur will be arranged. On every home search or orientation tour clients will be given a book on working and living in Britain, a map of the area, and an official highway code book.

After your orientation tour clients will have the opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the day in more detail with their relocation consultant who will work with you to establish what style, price and location of property will work best for clients and their families. After this process clients will move onto their home search to find the property that matches most closely to their requirements. 

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