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One of the biggest concerns that parents have is finding the right school for their children and securing a school place when you are not in the UK can prove difficult especially if you do not have a good grasp of the British educational system. Citrus provides clear support and guidance through the maze of schooling options to help you in your decision-making.

Beginning the process with a thorough needs analysis to ensure we understand your preferences and the needs of your child/children.  Managing expectations are also a key part of this process. We can advise on the international system or local private (fee-paying independent schools) as well as state schools.  We will provide you with the most suitable options for your budget and chosen location.

Our Educational Advisor will:

  • After completion of an educational questionnaire we will carry out our research to source the most suitable schools within the preferred areas and provide you with a written report on available education options
  • Set up school visits for you for an agreed date
  • Accompany you on school visits – we can arrange, prepare and plan visits as well as help you to prepare for the visits and also accompany you
  • Provide you with an explanation of the application process and how long it will take
  • Assist you with school applications – we will guide you through the application process and provide follow up with schools
  • Provide you with email and telephone support throughout the application process

Independent Fee-Paying Schools

Independent schools are governed by an elected board of governors and independent of many of the regulations & conditions that apply to state funded schools. For example, students do not have to follow the National Curriculum. Most of the larger independent schools offer boarding facilities although many are now predominantly day schools; by contrast there are only a few dozen state boarding schools.

These schools often have more freedom over their pupils teaching programme. One of the other main differences is that independent schools tend to have smaller classrooms, on average 12 students per class, compared to over double this number in a typical state school. Independent schools are free to select their pupils. The principal forms of selection are financial in that the student’s family must be able to pay the school fees.

Many administer their own entrance exams and some also require that the prospective student undergo an interview. Depending on the school, credit may also be given for musical, sporting or other talent. Independent school fees average day school fees are now around £13,000 per year but vary depending on the school and location.  For boarding students’ fees cost an average of £30,500 a year. There are additional costs for uniform, equipment, transport and extra-curricular facilities.

State Education

State schooling is provided to students between the ages of 4 and 16 without charge as it is financially supported by the government. All schools follow a very similar curriculum which is approved and monitored by Ofsted, a non-ministerial government run regulator of children’s education. When applying to state primary schools for the first time for entry into a reception class at the age of four-plus, the deadline is early in the January before the September in which the child is due to start school. Applications for entry to secondary school have a deadline of the end of October of the year before entry. Applications received after these primary and secondary deadlines will still be processed, but only after all the ‘on-time’ applications, and there may be fewer places available, especially at the most popular and successful schools. For entry into all other year groups, parents can apply at any point in the school year, usually through their local authority. These applications are known as ‘in-year admissions’ and will be processed within a few weeks, taking into account parental preferences and spaces available in the schools at the time. If the relevant year group in all the preferred schools is full, the local authority will allocate a place at the nearest school that has a space. At Citrus Relocation we understand how important it is to you to secure the right school for your child/children and how it will help to ensure a successful relocation for you and your family.

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