We understand that every business, employee and private client we assist during a relocation is an individual with a different sets of circumstances and needs.  Our goal is to ensure that your experience of using our relocation services is as positive and stress-free as possible. Our testimonials show our passion.

Our clients come from all industry sectors and levels within their organisations. We work with employees across a range of sectors including engineers, technicians and middle management through to CEO’s and Presidents. W also work directly with private clients including entrepreneurs.  Please take a look at our many client testimonials which have the same common theme of a fast response, a personal service and a genuinely caring approach.  

We have never failed to find any client a property.


Dubai to the UK

Citrus Relocation Services helped us greatly during our moving to London from Dubai, UAE. Their professionalism, deep experience in the field but most of all their attention to the needs of the whole family made our moving as smooth as it could be. They assisted us almost with every step of this tedious and time consuming process and at the same time they answered to all of our questions and concern. They helped us find an amazing apartment in a lovely neighbourhood, having a school for our daughter and a metro station just minutes away. Citrus Relocation Services ensured a painless moving experience and we couldn’t be happier to recommend them.

 M.S Michalakos, Head Technical Lean



Brazil to London

Coming from Brazil to start a new life in the UK posed me a lot of challenges. The relocation process itself could have been another big one. Citrus gave me the confidence and resources to make that process a lot easier.

Thank you as well

Mr A. Shiga, Software Engineer -Mobile Phones – Sim Cards






France to London

I am a French expatriate working for a global organisation with over 450 000 employees. I am used to move from one country to the other but this time it was much more complicated.

I contacted Sue just a month before moving to London and asked her to find a house, movers, take care of all administrative tasks,… I thought she would just laugh and let me know it was just impossible within such a short notice.

Within the same week, she organized property visits meeting my expectation.  My move to London was really smooth and I felt really secured as Citrus was taking care of almost everything.

I am really happy to recommend Citrus to any organisation looking for assistance with relocation services.

Thanks a lot Sue (as well as your team) for all your support and lovely attentions.

Ms M. Coumoul, Chief Financial Officer





Spain to Southern UK

As a global organisation with over 22’000 employees we are generally used to transferring employees between global hubs however due to unforeseen circumstances we needed a little help with our most recent employee relocation transfer. I contacted Sue after reading reviews on the Citrus website, the task set was impossible to be honest, to move an employee from Spain to the UK with his wife and three children, find them a house, school and a nursery that were bilingual and to do it all within 14 days.

Cleary I expected her to laugh at me and say it can’t be done but it was quite the opposite. Within 10 days my employee had a new house, 2 children into a new school and nursery choices for the baby after only a 2 day visit to the UK. This visit was carefully organized by Sue and she left nothing out, I can quite happily recommend Citrus to any organisation considering them for relocation assistance. What she managed to achieve for us in such a short timeframe was quite simply extraordinary and I have no doubt that we will use her again and again in the future.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind Regards

Vanessa, Human Resources Business Partner, Major multi-national manufacturer of business tools




Move from North of the UK to the South of England

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the professionalism and tenacity you applied in relocating myself and the family to a new home.

From the first brief as to our specific needs you created a concise portfolio not just covering the property requirements but giving real care, consideration and detail to other critical factors such as schooling requirements for the children.

Throughout the relocation process you have given constant progress reports on all key activities and ,quite refreshingly, required precise information from ourselves to ensure the correct delivery against the brief.

From my company’s perspective cost tracking for services employed has been accurate with regular dialogue with our HR Director.

The new location and home are exactly are specified and the family and I are delighted.




India to Newbury, Berkshire

I would say the experience of working with Citrus Relocation was a real pleasure. From the day of the orientation through to date when we moved into our new home I have experienced a pleasant time settling into my new home in Newbury because of Citrus. Coming from a different country and doing this all by myself in UK would have been really hectic without the help of Citrus.

I would definitely like to highlight how much I appreciated the personal attention from the staff at Citrus in all aspects of house searching. They were so meticulous in getting the house agreements and setting up my accounts for electricity and gas. I have also had assistance with other settling in services like registering with a doctor and a dentist and buying a car in the UK to name but a few. Basically, Citrus is there to help you in whatever is required when setting up the things in your new place. Thanks a lot to the Citrus Relocation team!

Mr B Mahadevaiah, IT Engineer Mobile Technology




Switzerland to UK


Having to move in UK to begin a new job, I took a look at websites in order to understand how to find a new home. After a while I realised this was quite complex when coming from abroad so I decided to look for a relocation company.  At first I thought these companies were for corporate clients only and not for private clients. I found Citrus by chance and was very lucky I did! They responded really rapidly after I sent a contact email.  Everything was very well organised by them and they were really helpful and lovely. I would recommend anybody moving in UK to ask Citrus for help.

Ms L Buchi, University Lecturer





London from the USA

Moving to a new country with so many unknowns, we had natural anxieties and concerns about so many things related to our relocation to London.  However, after our first phone call with Sue in January, we felt completely at ease as Sue explained the entire process and covered practically all topics in a language we could follow and relate to.  She followed every discussion with a written email to confirm our understanding to avoid any miscommunication – that was highly appreciated.

After our move to London, Sue and her team’s planning for our new apartment was flawless – Ellen and Brian were both super patient to show us every flat we wanted to see.  In the end, they found us a perfect apartment in a great neighborhood in the price range we agreed to.  Citrus team took care of all the paperwork and check-in inventory for a perfect move-in on the day we had planned.

In summary, I truly believe that  the Citrus team went above and beyond normal line of their contractual obligation to make our move to London exceptionally pleasant. We will highly recommend their support and service to anyone who is moving to UK first time.

Mr S. Tyagi, Group Chief Scientific Officer, Pharmaceuticals






Chicago to London


My husband and I had three months to prepare for our move to London from Chicago, and when we first discussed using a relocation agent, I didn’t think we needed one. We’d been renting for years in the U.S., and I figured the process would be more or less the same. But Citrus turned out to be a necessity.

Without Citrus Relocation, we never could have found such a great selection of rental properties that met our criteria AND were open to dogs. In addition, with the stress and confusion of an international move, it was really comforting to know Citrus Relocation was managing the leasing process, which turned out to be significantly different from what we’d experienced in the U.S.

When we finally arrived at our new house, we were met with a friendly face, flowers and a much-needed bottle of wine. We’re so grateful to Citrus Relocation for guiding us through the entire move, for their attention to detail and especially the dedication to making sure everything was right when we moved in.

The house is great and we’re settling in nicely. Thank you again for all your help!



Stockholm to Northern Ireland


It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Citrus relocation agency for your relocation needs.

I was relocating from Stockholm, Sweden to Belfast, Northern Ireland. The relocation was under a very tight schedule with only two months between start and finish. The fact that I during this period also sold my house in Sweden added to the importance of a smooth transition, especially considering I have a family with a wife and three small children. Considering this, both the family and I were going into the move, quite stressed.

Luckily the company I work for had previously used Citrus relocations services with great satisfaction and decided to them for my relocation as well. With great professionalism but still a very friendly and open approach they took care of the whole family during this time in more ways than one; Relocating is not only the actual physical move with papers to be signed and people and furniture to be transported from point A to point B but a much more important part is the mental aspect. A relocation often means that you are going into the unknown, new house, new culture, new language, with all the fears it can produce. From the beginning I felt that they were aware of this as well and they comforted us and took away much of our anxiety at the same time she made sure all practical things got sorted.

Citrus Relocation knows what it takes to get the job done and what needs to be done. They are in control but at the same time they let you know what is happening at all times which was very comforting.

By keeping me and the family informed we did not need to worry about outstanding issues but could concentrate on what we needed to do in Sweden prior to the move. I strongly believe that without Citrus Relocation I would not have gone through with the move and I am very glad I did.

I enthusiastically recommend Citrus relocation agency to anyone in need of relocation.






Germany to London


Sue and her team at Citrus relocation really added that personal touch in helping me with my relocation from Germany to London – a personal touch so often lacking from large organisations. I really felt my move was important to them, and gave me the confidence that they could help me with my relocation.

Their agents really know the local market and offered exceptional on-demand advice to fit around me and my schedule.
I would have no hesitation recommending the services of Citrus to anyone who is relocating to London.”

Shaun Gibson,   Lawyer






Singapore to Newbury, Berkshire


We moved to Newbury Berkshire, UK from Singapore, with our newborn child. Citrus started communicating with me, asking for our specific relocation needs a few weeks before our date of travel. They were truly informative, professional as well as cordial in all their communications.

They planned the schedule for all the services – starting from rental property search to the orientation tour well ahead. They were meticulous in completing the tasks promised, which included, short listing the properties, arranging the viewings, rent negotiation, tenancy agreement checking, checking the property before moving in so on and so forth.

Citrus even walked the extra mile to convince the landlord accommodating some last-minute changes in the tenancy contract. They were also very accommodating to organize the orientation tour as per my settling in requirements.

I’d definitely recommend Citrus to anyone trying to find a friend and guide in the course of their relocation journey in the U.K.

Dipankar Nag  Mobile Software Engineer





Switzerland to Milton Keynes, UK

I am happy to write this short testimonial to recommend Citrus Relocation to anyone moving to the UK, especially to the Milton Keynes area. My relocation from Switzerland to England in March 2018 has been a stressful one, starting with the worst snowstorm recorded in years, which meant that bank appointment and viewings had to be cancelled. Citrus Relocation were able to re-scheduled all the appointments very quickly and only a couple of days were lost.

Opening a bank account went very smoothly, all documents had been prepared under Sue’s guidance. The apartment hunt was not a straightforward one, but Citrus patiently dealt with the estate agents, explaining my circumstances and going out of their way to help. It all ended well, as one month after arriving in the UK, I was able to move in a flat that was matching my requests. Well done Sue, Noreen and Brian, and thank you so much for your help!

Jean Farce,  Aerodynamics Engineer Motor Racing



Germany to London 2018


Sue and her team at Citrus relocation really added that personal touch in helping me with my relocation from Germany to London – a personal touch so often lacking from large organisations. I really felt my move was important to them, and gave me the confidence that they could help me with my relocation.

Their agents really know the local market and offered exceptional on-demand advice to fit around me and my schedule.  I would have no hesitation recommending the services of Citrus to anyone who is relocating to London.

Shaun Gibson Intellectual Property Lawyer. Relocating from Germany to London



Mexico to Milton Keynes


I was relocated from Mexico to UK by my company, I didn’t know anyone in UK, no friends, no family, so everything was new for me, and if someone tell you that is going to be an easy move, is not being honest with you, because is not, but, Citrus company is there to make the things less complicate for you, Sue and Noreen are very kind and they are always aware of all your process, They will take the time to know your needs, and will do their best to find you the best options that fit your needs, they will give you a guide to even the simplest things that you did not think were necessary, but believe me they are, because things in the UK can be very different than your country.

You can rest assured that Citrus will provide you with the information you need with a friendly and helpful service, and they will make this relocation a little less stressful than it would be without their support.

I’m happy that my company chose them, I can definitely recommend their services.

Ana Laura Rojo de la Vega Reyes, Financial Controller  moving from Mexico to Milton Keynes with her husband and two dogs


Finland to Sussex, England


“All inclusive service from same partner  – Moving to UK from abroad is never too easy. It’s not enough that you find a place to stay but the whole process is really time taking and complex, so especially when you are in the middle of change in your work (and personal life as well with your family) you certainly need partners like Citrus to make your relocation happen smoothly and secured. My experience from Citrus is highly positive, I got all-inclusive service and only thing that I needed to do was say “yes” to the place where we wanted to move in. They did all the background work and frontline help and made our family life easier. I can highly recommend them to as a partner in such situations”  Relocating for three months to the UK with his wife and children

Mika Kuronen, Sales and Business Development Director for a work wear company.



Australia to London


When I was advised by my work that I was getting a transfer to our London Base for a few years, I came across Citrus Relocation Services. I called from Australia and spoke to Sue.

Sue was amazing and very understanding of our situation and with her experience was able to explain to us the services her company offered and went through what we needed to know about moving to London, location, transport, schools (for our child), how the rental market worked and what to expect.  Sue was very thorough.

From our many communications via phone and email, we were able to search for locations and properties from the web in Melbourne and give Sue and her team an idea of what we were looking for, as a home.

Citrus did the rest and I arranged to fly over and was shown around 10 properties in the vicinity that we chose. We were able to put an offer on 1 property and Citrus assisted us in the negotiation process to help us secure the house.

There is no way I would of been able to do all that on my own from Australia. Citrus took the pressure of me and with their experience and commitment, were able to help my family relocate to London, knowing that we had a home to come to.

Many thanks Sue and to your team. I highly recommend using Citrus for your relocation needs.

Jon Bennett, Customer Services Manager for a well-known airline moving from Melbourne, Australia to London with his wife and young son



South Africa to Milton Keynes

Thank you to the team at Citrus for making our move a lot less stressful.  Brian was extremely helpful and always had a calming effect on the tension one experiences when moving, let alone moving country!  We can really recommend them to anyone contemplating a move far where you need someone who has a great knowledge of the area and how things are done.

Vicky Sommer  South African Lawyer & Entrepreneur




Relocation of a family from Belgium to Cambridgeshire

The team at Citrus is very professional and helped us immensely along our journey to the UK. They took into account all our specific needs for property rent and schools. Our almost impossible mission to relocate with a pet on a specific budget is now accomplished and we are enjoying our first weeks in UK all together. Thank you Sue, Noreen and the whole team.

Constantin & Alina Veretennicov – Consultant




Relocating from Chicago to Surrey


I had a great experience with Citrus Relocation. Starting with the professionalism of Sue Myrie, who was very thorough and always accessible even with the time difference. I had a very tight turnaround time, and Citrus not only made all paperwork easy but worked on my behalf remotely within the time frame, protecting my interests with various agents and third parties. A shout out also to Alison Tucker who was incredibly helpful during our visits. Very professional group, dependable and efficient, as well as nice and friendly- made the whole experience as easy as it could be.

Delphine Lenoir, Educational Professional


Turkey to London


I am a Turkish expatriate moved to London from Istanbul. I am working for a global  French company with over 450,000 employees.

I have been introduced to Sue at Citrus to manage my move to London. I shared with her what I and my family need and asked for help finding a temporary place to leave, to help finding a house ,organizing all what I need for leaving and all administrative tasks.

Sue and her team were great. They helped me in all aspects very fast, know what is good or convenient and helped me in all aspects what is necessary to leave  in London. I was very concerned on all the procedures, administrative staff but Sue and her team helped me out to manage them very smoothly.

I got a good house with a great location and moved in . I am really happy to get my relocation service from Citrus. They have very friendly approach, committed and  and made  my life very easy on this process

I recommend Citrus to any expat looking for relocation assistance. Many thanks to  Sue (as well as your team) for all your support and lovely friendship.

Burcin Ressamoglu CEO  Global French Company Employee & Benefits Company


California USA, to London UK


Our client testimonials

USA to London

It was very daunting trying to go about moving to London from the States. As well as finding a place to live, we have a teenage daughter who needed to find an open place in a good state school. As the systems for renting are different between the 2 countries and London’s school system is managed by different boroughs each with their own rules, I realized that help was needed.

I chose Citrus Relocation firm to help us and I’m so glad I did.  Their fees are well in line with the other relocation agencies I explored and they had an extra willingness to answer my many questions patiently.

Citrus coordinated the school and home search and communicated well with me throughout the process. They gave me important advice about the best timing for coming over for a 1 week visit about 6 weeks before our desired move day.

I had a school specialist helping me on that front and a fabulous property consultant who took me around in her car to view well over 10 homes. By the end of the week I had a school for my daughter picked out and a tenancy offer on a home plus backups ready to go. It was such a relief to have those giant pieces of the moving puzzle figured out at last.

Sue and her team continued advising me on details of the offer letter and each communication with the letting agency and owners. Even after we had paid the remainder of our bill Citrus continued to look after us and give us helpful advice (via email or phone) in a conscientious manner. I highly recommend Citrus to help you take a lot of the stress out of your move!

Michael Mateas and Anne Siegel

Researcher for a major UK University



Family relocating from New Zealand to London

Our client testimonials

New Zealand to London

Thanks Sue for all of your assistance in helping us to undertake this rather major move for our family! We are happy to be settled in our new house and looking forward to continuing our London adventure. Thanks a lot,



Relocating from Bristol to London with their small son

Sue had done an amazing job for my family. We moved from Bristol and needed to find something near to North London. This area was completely new for us.

The process Sue has proposed, has been really professional, she took time to listen our queries and wishes, and always gave concrete and helpful advises.  She shared her experience of house hunting with us, and has always been open and honest with us which we really appreciated.

She has been able to book 10 houses for us to visit in one day and Brian who was with us during the day helped and supported a lot.

We finally found the perfect house thanks to Sue, especially when we had to deal with the agency. It is so great to have someone so professional but also fun! Her experience and knowledge of the market were precious, and I would recommend her Company to anyone who is looking to relocate in London.

HR Director – Energy Company



Moving into new home in Bath Somerset after Road Traffic Accident

Citrus Relocation came to my assistance during a critical and very difficult time for me following an accident. Timing was everything and I needed to relocate to a new apartment/home within a very short period of time. They managed to find me the perfect property, in a lovely location, that I am extremely happy with.

The Team at Citrus were helpful, efficient and attentive and helped me with all areas, including removals, finding a property, transfer of utilities and communication with the agent etc.

I am now settling well into my new home and am grateful that Citrus supported me through the whole stressful process. I would highly recommend Citrus Relocation for anyone relocating to or around the UK.

 Chris Madin, Bath


Move to London from the Netherlands


We used Citrus to help us find a new apartment and for settling in services.  With Brian’s help, we secured a great apartment in Islington.  We had just had a baby so we needed a lot of help keeping everything straight.  Sue and team were very good about reminding us about the details and answering our many questions.  Thanks for all of your help with our move. We’re settled into our place and very happy in leafy green Islington!

Jason Ball Investment Analyst


Italy to Newbury, England

An outstanding company which gave me incredible support and services in the relocation process. Kind, always available and made by people who love their job to provide the best for each client. Through them, you will always be in good hands.

Aldo Bruno Software Engineer

Netherlands to Islington, London


We used Citrus to help us find a new apartment and for settling in services.  With Brian’s help, we secured a great apartment in Islington.  We had just had a baby so we needed a lot of help keeping everything straight.  Sue and team were very good about reminding us about the details and answering our many questions.

Lindsay Blohm Lawyer




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