UK Utilities Costs

Understanding UK Utility Costs

Utility costs are a key consideration when moving to the UK whether renting or buying. The local climate, the utility provider, the types of household appliances, the size and specification of the home as well as the demand for property in the desired area can all contribute towards the price you pay for utilities each month. Even your household behaviours, such as the time you spend laundry washing or cooking for example, can have an effect on the monthly bill. The figures below provide an indication of the average monthly utility outgoings for living in London and in the UK in 2019. The banners below are provided for our customers and you can also obtain the most competitive prices for gas and electricity in the UK. Give them a try to see how much you can save, it’s your money why give it away.

How much does gas, electricity, water and council tax cost in London and the UK?

Bedroom  Council Tax band (approx) Council tax band costs per year Water Bill Electricity Gas Bill Rent – Central London  Average Rent – Greater London and South East Average Rent – UK
Studio 1 Bed A £750 £1200 £24.60 £25.00 £26.50 £1,508 £800 £600
2 Bed B £1100- £1250 £26.15 £37.00 £59.03 £2,494 £1,406 £750
3 Bed C £1150 – £1400 £29.05 £60.00 £60.57 £3,580 £2,208 £800
4 Bed D £1200 – £1700 £31.38 £72.00 £90.00 £5,000 £3,205 £850
5 Bed E to Band H £1600 – £3300 £34.41 £114.00 £110.00 £5,330 £3,800 £950
*Figures obtained from online Property Portals and UK Government & Local Government figures 2019 – These are monthly indicative figures and annual for council tax*

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