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Lifestyle management, sometimes coined lifestyle concierge, is to manage aspects of a customer’s professional, family or private life, enabling them more freedom for the things they enjoy the most.

Citrus is one of the UK’s leading relocation companies with significant expertise in moving customers, finding homes, and setting up lifestyles in the UK. Over the last 15 years we have been exposed to the many requirements and often unique desires of those living in Britain today.

Over the years we’ve forged an extensive network of like-minded lifestyle professionals, all leaders within their field, so we truly can offer a holistic lifestyle management service.

We have always received outstanding customer feedback for our service delivery such as sourcing independent places at prestigious schools, car finding and event management. Our expanded service supports you and your family’s personal life so you can feel totally in control and stress free in your day-to-day life. From arranging your home utility plans, to organising fun-filled family days out or gift buying for friends – we here to make your life more manageable and exciting.

– We are professional and personable, quick and accessible. Our aim is to make you feel like we’re an extension of your support network. A network that can be relied upon at any time in the year.



Sending cards, organising your mail, letter writing, invoicing, calendar management and insurance management.

Gift buying and exclusive purchases

Earn incentives whether you shop for exclusive designer or high street goods including jewellery, homeware, clothes and more.

Property finding

From family homes, second homes, investment properties or holiday homes we can source properties for you to rent, buy or buy to let anywhere in the UK.

Events and parties

Celebratory events, parties, birthdays, ceremonies, family or friend dinners and luncheons, baby showers and funeral management.

Car finding

Secure amazing deals on new or used cars. We can locate modern, vintage,  sports , family friendly SUV’s, electric models and city cars.

Childcare and Education

School, nursery, nanny, tutor, or higher education. We help you find the best place of education for your child in the privately funded education sector.

Chartered occasions

Boats, planes and everything in between. From bookings, to dining and entertainment we’ll organise every last detail so all you need to do is arrive.


Reserve bookings for cinemas, theatres, theme parks, restaurants, activity centres, outdoor water sports and more. We’ll tailor adventures to suit you.

Heath and Beauty

We’ll schedule appointments on your behalf with the most experienced experts to ensure you’re feeling your best and in control of your health.


Whether it’s a last minute request or a serious date in the diary our network knows where to dine and will make sure you have the best seat in the house.

Exclusive experiences

Want inspiration? To try something completely new and exhilarating. We’re primed to find an experience to excite you, your friends and family.

Exclusive experiences

Treat yourself and loved ones to a once in a lifetime experience. Delivering truly unique days, weekends and holidays around that will excite your crowd.


Our membership starts at just £150 per person per year.

We operate a no-minimum order policy.

We charge our services at an hourly rate however we will happily discuss the opportunity of having an annual retainer with us if you feel you will need a more frequent level of service.

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