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M&A Award Winner Best of London Corporate Relocation 2015

London is a major capital city with many unique and interesting districts.  Citrus Relocation can help you with your London relocation by helping you find the right location for your move.  If you are concerned about safety and crime we can also advise you on the locations to avoid as we have many years of experience of working in the city. In fact one of the Directors was a London Police Officer. Citrus Relocation has recently been awarded the Mergers and Acquisitions Best for London Corporate Relocation 2015, which are one of several great awards we have won in the last couple of years in recognition of the work that we do in helping people relocating and moving to London.

London has a population of 13 million so finding that perfect property can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So whether you are renting or buying in the city of London it can be overwhelming without expert and professional advice.

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London properties are diverse and their character changes from district to district, the closer you are to a tube station the more expensive will be your property options.

The average London property are on the whole smaller in size than an equivalent priced property in most major cities in the world. American beds for instance for instance are often too large for the small to midsize apartment. So that will need concentrating your search on larger bedroom areas if the bed has to travel! Rental properties are currently moving very quickly so fast that a good property seen by you in the morning could feasibly be gone by the afternoon. We work on your behalf with the agents to secure your ideal London Relocation property.

Attached open spaces, or gardens are also difficult to find unless you have a lower ground floor or ground floor property. Garden squares are popular such as in Notting Hill or parts Kensington and areas overlooking the River Thames have an appeal for many people relocating to London.

If you are looking for school places than Citrus Relocation can provide a great service for you and your children. So if you are looking for international Baccalaureate, International Schools, American Schooling, Faith Schools, Language Schools including French, Private Independent or Public Schools or the UK State schools we have been helping international and UK families for 9 years successfully placing their children in these schools and have had our testimonials testify to our successes. We know when relocating to London your children are very important and we spend time and effort to make sure we closely match your requirements.

Pets are an issue with more people now looking to relocate their pets into the UK, it is good to have an idea of the challenges you may face. If you are purchasing there is no issue, if you are renting a property in London, even though we are a nation of pet lovers, landlords tend to avoid letting to pet owners, although the situation is a lot better than it was a few years ago. You may have to pay premium extra to the rent to cover any potential damage prior to taking up a rental.

If you are relocating to London from overseas you will find that the process of acquiring or renting a property in London is very different from what you will be used to so it’s good to have some expert assistance at hand helping to smooth the process for you. We can manage every step of the process, the house search, the negotiations, help with the tenancy agreement and making sure the inventory is recorded and correct protecting your deposit, right through to your move in date and beyond if you are renting. If you are purchasing a property, we also handle the house search, liaising with the estate agent, your lender and lawyer, making it a smooth, pain-free experience.

We aim to have at least 10 to 12 properties closely matching your requirements per day of viewings. This will depend on your budget, availability of properties in the agreed search area, pets and your move in date. We can help you move fast!

If you want more information on moving to London we can assist you call +44 (0)20 3303 3208, or use our callback form on this page.


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