Leaving the UK

Leaving the UK

Ending tenancy

When you are leaving the UK to live abroad Citrus Relocation can also help you in the new location with property finding, schooling, local information and settling in services. We work with highly experienced partners all over the world to ensure your relocation goes extremely smoothly. Citrus will also work with HR and Global Mobility departments to end the tenancy of employees to reduce stress and pressure on business staff.

Corporate Clients

In today’s global world, more and more companies are leveraging their top talent by relocating them overseas, giving them an opportunity to take on a different challenges internationally. A crucial aspect of relocation is for employees to have a place to live during and after the transition.

An employer should make sure employees have help in finding convenient temporary and long-term housing in the new location. This can be challenging overseas, when there’s limited knowledge of the geographic area and how the rental process works locally. By using an efficient, professional relocation service means that the employee is able to quickly focus on their new role rather than spending time on securing accommodation.

Citrus Relocation is an award-winning relocation company which can support you and your employees with their relocation to a new country. We help with a range of services designed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Citrus handles the management from the UK with our accredited overseas partners and suppliers.  Handling the move from one office makes reporting and management of moves extremely simple.

Private Clients

Private clients use Citrus Relocation for moves out of the UK as they are unfamiliar with the new location and do not understand how the rental process works. Our locally based consultants will know the target location well. They have good contacts with local estate agents (often off market properties are available to them) and they will provide a list of properties to view which accurately match client requirements. This leads to a very efficient property search, minimising the time needed to be away from work.

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