Looking for office space?

Office Freedom is a global brokerage service clients in more than 100 countries. We act as a representative on behalf of the client sourcing them space and negotiating favourable rates and terms. All free of charge. Office Freedom is a trusted partner working together with Citrus Relocation serving clients in their search for office space when relocating.

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Plug’n’play offices in 100 countries

Types of office spaces to consider

We are a full-service brokerage handling anything from office rental to property acquisitions. As part of your search process, we can advise and source you the following office types:

a. Coworking offices

b. Serviced offices

c. Management offices

d. Conventional offices

e. Corporate/headquarters offices

f. Acquisition of floors or buildings


The process of finding your office space


Benefits of working with Office Freedom

a. Powerful Negotiators – we negotiate the best prices, discounts, and flexible terms.

b. Save £000s – with our expertise we can save you £000s on your office costs.

c. Compare the entire global flexible office market – we represent over 15,000 offices in 150 countries.

d. Impartial recommendations – we do not favour any office operator over any other.

e. Dedicated Client Support – we are your single point of contact, we’re with you every step.

f.  30 years experience – no one knows the office space market better than us.


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