Car purchase and leasing

Car Purchase and Leasing

For our clients needing car purchasing and leasing both within the UK and internationally we are able to provide you with knowledge and expertise to find you a car which matches your requirements, needs and budget.  Expatriates can get a car without a local credit history or driver’s licence.  In the UK we can arrange the lease, finance, insurance, registration and road tax and have our clients “on the road” within 48 hours of arrival. We can help with:

• New and used cars
• Financing and leasing
• Car Insurance
• Car rental

As an expat you can arrange for your car before or after you move abroad. With our programme, there are no restrictions on when to start the process. The “Personal Car Shopper Service” gives you the benefit of a skilled and knowledgeable contact person who understands the local auto market. The key benefits are:

• You will receive truly independent advice on what cars may best suit your wishes, needs and budget
• You are more likely pay a lower price as they will negotiate on your behalf
• You will end up with a higher quality of car because they will complete a variety of checks
• The car can be ready for your arrival date in the UK
You will not have to worry about any local processes or documents because they will take care of everything The service is designed to save our clients time, hassle and money.

Try our great microsite to get the car of your dreams Citrus Vehicle Leasing

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