Cross Cultural Assistance for Relocation Assignees

Nikki Wilkinson – Guide and English teacher

London Relocation Guide Nikki

Nikki is a guide and qualified English teacher helping Citrus Relocation to provide a great new service for our clients moving to London. This includes the following:

Pre-move English lessons online 

for clients to gain confidence by acquiring the basics, or brushing up their English before coming to UK. This could be related to basic needs such as shopping, visits to the doctor, schooling or general conversation.

English language lessons

by zoom, or in person: in offices, your central London premises or homes. Courses are based on clients’ needs or using course books. We can also do pre-move English lessons – see above.

Culture preparation

Tailored modules, designed to help families prepare for UK culture. These can include the following: Greetings, what to expect when attending dinner parties, accepted conversation when socialising or in business, shopping, the school system and many other areas that can cause anxiety for an assignee or their family moving to the UK.

Tour guiding

We can do 2-4 hour walking tours through the centre or in specific parts of London giving you a lively and informative view of various areas in the city. Relocation Tour London

Citrus Relocation London Orientation

Citrus can arrange for our consultant Nikki to guide you on the London Transport Underground system, the bus services, tell you how to rent a hire car or Zip Car.  She can show you a sample of properties in different areas to give you a head start on your London relocation property search. If you are moving to London and you and your family are unsure about where to live, we can guide you through the culture and facilities of each area.

Nikki is fluent in English, French and Spanish

She can assist you at business meetings or business meals to help with interpreting, and also give you a great introduction to London and the UK.

relocation Cross Cultural Guide


If you need any assistance with your pre-move relocation to the UK and believe this could help in your move, please contact us on

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