Settling in services

Settling in services


Settling in services are  designed to make you feel ‘as organised as possible’ upon moving into your property, whether renting or buying. These services alleviate the stresses of moving home as the tasks that come with moving are all taken care of for you by Citrus.

We offer our clients a shopping list of services so they can tailor and prioritise their requirements. We are flexible around your needs and want you to ‘settle in’ to your new home as quickly and effortlessly as possible so you can focus on your new role or getting to know your new area.

Services can include:

Deliverable Description
Setting up a UK bank account


Arranging an interview with one of the major UK banks.
Setting up all your utilities including your council tax account


We will contact all the relevant utility companies, gas, electricity, water and setting up your local council tax account.
Furniture rental


We can provide quotes to rent furniture on a short- or long-term basis.  The quotes will be tailor made to your requirements.
Assistance and advice on setting up telephone and broadband services


Checking the current available telephone and broadband deals and the setup of cost-effective services.
Setting up a cable TV supplier


Providing you with advice on the options available.
Registering with doctor


We will find the closest General Practioner to your new home and check that they have good reviews from current patients.  We will provide you with the information need to get registered with a National Health Service GP.
Information on driving in the UK and obtaining a UK driving licence


Provide the up to date information on obtaining a driving licence to drive a vehicle in the UK.
Parking Permits We will advise you on how to obtain a parking permit for your new home.
Information on acquiring a car


With no credit history hiring a car can be challenging. We have two sources that have helped to provide vehicles for our clients over many years.
Information on setting up contents insurance policies


It is advisable that you should protect yourself by obtaining contents insurance.  This will cover your personal effects as well as any damage caused to the landlord’s property.
Explanation about UK emergency services


Information on how the emergency services operate and provide information to assist you should an emergency arise.
Information on local leisure & social facilities We can provide information on local gyms, parks and clubs that you may be interested in joining together with any other leisure pursuits you may have.
Refuse and recycling


We will explain how the refuse and recycling works in your location and let you know the collection day.
Sourcing mobile phones for immediate use


We can provide you with information on purchasing a short term pay as you go mobile phones for use until a credit history has been built up. We can also source a sim only service for you.
This list is not exhaustive, and we would be happy to provide support in any areas which you require. We provide support with settling in services by email, but should you require face to face support do let us know.


To speak to Citrus please call +44(0) 203 303 3208 or fill out the contact form below.


To speak to Citrus please call +44(0) 203 303 3208 or leave a message via the chatbox on this page lower right.