UK utility costs and household bills

UK utility costs and household bills

UK utility costs and household bills are a key factor to consider when you are budgeting for a house move or if you are already living in your desired property and feel you aren’t getting value for money.

The local weather climate, the utility provider you choose, the types of household appliance you have, the size and specification of the home as well as the demand for property in the desired area can all contribute towards your UK utility costs and household bills each month.

Even your household behaviours, such as the time you spend laundry washing, how much heating you use, or how much time you spend cooking, can have a huge effect on the monthly bill.

How can I save money on my utility bills?

To help you save money on your utility bills and monthly household outgoings we have put some tips in our blog. We’ve included easy actions you can take yourself, such as using energy-saving bulbs and putting timers on your heating system, in order to help reduce your overall household utility usage and reduce those bills!

If you’re one our relocating clients you’ll receive some guidance and information from us about how to keep your energy usage low as part of the corporate client or private client relocation process.


How much does gas, electricity, water and council tax cost in London and the UK?

The figures below provide an indication of the average monthly UK utility costs and household bills each month when living in both London and in the UK at the end of 2021.

Bedroom  Council Tax band (approx) Council tax band costs per year Water Bill Electricity Gas Bill Rent – Central London  Average Rent – Greater London and South East Average Rent – UK
Studio 1 Bed A £750 £1200 £24.60 £25.00 £26.50 £1,508 £800 £600
2 Bed B £1100- £1250 £26.15 £40.00 £65.00 £2,494 £1,406 £750
3 Bed C £1150 – £1400 £29.05 £62.00 £64.00 £3,580 £2,208 £800
4 Bed D £1200 – £1700 £31.38 £74.00 £95.00 £5,000 £3,205 £850
5 Bed E to Band H £1600 – £3300 £34.41 £118.00 £115.00 £5,330 £3,800 £950
*Figures obtained from our partner Please Connect Me, 2021

Cost of living in the UK

The cost of living in the UK is dramatically increasing every year. 2022 in particular will see a considerable jump in living costs which will likely effect the finances of everyone who lives in the UK, no matter their financial status.

Utility increases to be expected in the near future will include energy price hikes in April 2022 of approximately 50% raising the average energy bill to approximately £2k a year. Income tax is also set to increase with those earning upwards of £30k a year seeing increases each year of at least £250, depending on salaries. In addition in the UK petrol and general travel prices, which had already been impacted by the pandemic, accelerated again due to a threat of invasion in Ukraine by Russia, who are one of the largest providers of oil.

With these living cost pressures in place it’s super important to make sure you are getting the best value for money when it comes to your utility costs, no matter how large or small your property is. You can literally save thousands by aligning yourself with the right utility provider and changing your living behaviours to reduce energy to keep your monthly bill outgoings as low as possible.

Introducing, Please Connect Me

As one of the UK’s leading relocation agencies we have partnered with Please Connect Me, a utility concierge service that will scan the market on your behalf to make sure you get the very best deals available.

They have access to exclusive rates for gas, electricity, broadband, mobile phone and TV – and can notify your water providers, local councils and other essential services to ensure you’re correctly set up in your new home.

Please Connect Me will save you up to 7 hours of household bill organising and an average saving of £390 on your annual bills!

Want to kick-start your monthly household bill savings for FREE?



Settling in Services

If you are looking for more than just a refresh of your utility bill providers we have a whole suit of additional Settling-in services designed to reduce stress and save you money when moving home. From setting you up with local healthcare facilities, banking, sourcing your insurances and more. Choose from our shopping list of services today!





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Moving to a new part of the world is daunting, stressful and complicated.  With an extensive network of experienced UK Property Experts, Estate agents and Relocation Consultants we hold the geographical knowledge and industry know-how that will help you find, negotiate and move into a property that’s right for you!





Corporate Relocation

If you are part of a HR team or Operations team responsible for Corporate Relocations, you may be interested in our Corporate Relocation packages. We have moved thousands of professionals and their families from around the globe to the UK ensuring that they can begin their new role in their new country smoothly and effortlessly.



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