Coronavirus UK Citrus Relocation 13th March 2020 Update


                                                      CORONAVIRUS & UK RELOCATIONS

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Citrus Relocation Policy

People are now aware that the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to impact on every aspect of our lives, shopping, the workplace, travel and events. We have seen that from reports and advice, many people in the UK, will be affected by this virus or will know someone close to them that will be affected. The UK government stance is to allow the virus to infect everyone in the country so that a variant of herd immunisation takes place.

The key to containing and reversal of this proposal is washing of hands thoroughly with soap and water, sanitizer is not nearly as effective as we were led to believe but is better than nothing. Reduce or preferably avoid the touching of faces.  Also trying to keep away from each is a major part of controlling the spread and we shall see the government and other authorities putting in place measures in social separation by cancelling schools, events and concerts etc.

With regards to the coronavirus and UK Relocations, we are taking steps in-house to try to reduce the impact on our business and to protect where possible our staff, clients and the wider public. Where necessary we will conduct interviews and our communications by video conference, telephone or email. We are actively enabling staff to work from home

If a client is coming from a high-risk infected area (Specified High-Risk Countries), then we will require a 14-day buffer zone before they go out on any viewings. If our Citrus Relocation consultant is showing any signs or symptoms of this virus then we will seek to either postpone or replace the consultant, but this may not be achievable in the timescales. Our aim is to deliver all services if it is safe to do so, and we will take the best precautions for all our safety.

We will follow UK government guidelines going forwards and hope we can reduce this pernicious virus, Please check the UK National Health Service link for more information NHS Coronavirus Updates 2020.

Get in touch
If you have any queries relating to the UK Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent relocation advice, please contact a member of the team on 0203 303 3208 or email for further details on the current position for relocation purposes.




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