What you need to know when immigrating to the UK

What you need to know when immigrating to the UK

With vibrant cities steeped in history and the quaint rolling countryside, it’s no wonder the UK is a popular country to live, work and study in. If you’re considering immigrating to the UK or want to understand what you’ll need to do to relocate, our blog explores the legal needs and the processes for immigration to the UK.

Who can migrate to the UK

Migrating to the UK can be a complex process, but it can also be a rewarding one. As a bustling and diverse country with a lot to offer new immigrants, the UK has a unique culture and history as well as a stable economy and job market.

If you’re thinking about migrating to the UK whether that’s to work, study or join your family, there a several visas you can apply for.

  • Work visas: If you have a job offer from a UK employer, you’ll be eligible for a skilled worker visa. There are several work visas available including for entrepreneurs and investors as well as employment visas.
  • Study visas: If you want to study in the UK, you’ll need to apply for a student visa. Student visas are available for all levels of study, from undergraduate to postgraduate at any age!
  • Family visas: If you have a close family member who is a British citizen or permanent resident, you could be eligible for a family visa.

Before applying for a visa, we would always recommend speaking to an immigration expert like our own immigration lawyers. Having worked together with the team at IAS Services for years helping to relocate people from around the world, they’re the only team of immigration lawyers we trust to work with on behalf of our clients.

If you’re looking to migrate, speaking to an experienced immigration lawyer will help outline the documents you’ll need and know how much it will cost to relocate. It’s also helpful to understand the legal process behind your move which a great IAS lawyer will explain, so you can prepare what you need to move.

How to apply for a visa for the UK

How long the application process takes will vary on the type of visa you’re applying for but in general, the next step is to check you’re eligible for a visa. You can use the UK government’s visa checker tool to see if you meet the eligibility for a visa.

Once you decide to immigrate to the UK and you’ve checked you’re eligible to apply for a visa, we’d always recommend speaking to an immigration lawyer who understands the UK system and can help prepare you for the application. The visa application in the UK can be confusing and lengthy and if you make a mistake on the application, you may not be able to apply again.

Getting some legal advice before relocating to the UK can help both prepare you for the visa process and what to expect once you do move. As with any international move, you’ll be adjusting to a new way of life and new systems so having a professional to organise your paperwork and the more formal side of a move, can really help with a smooth transition.

What to do after you arrive in the UK

Once your visa is accepted and you’ve organised your relocation, you’ll be able to move to the UK. When you first arrive, you’ll need to apply for a National Insurance number. If you haven’t already, you may also need to open a bank account as well as find a place to live.

We’ve previously covered the benefits of renting somewhere when you relocate instead of committing to buying as it can be an overwhelming and lengthy process to start when you move countries.

If you’re moving to the UK to study, you’ll need to enrol in your course before it starts and find a place to rent if you’re not living with family or friends.

Migrating to the UK can be a daunting task, but it is also an exciting opportunity. By planning and working with the right immigration lawyers, you can make the process as smooth as possible.

Working with a team like ours here at Citrus means every point of your migration to the UK will be managed and handled on your behalf. This gives you the flexibility to focus on other areas of your life that will inevitably change when you relocate—interested in learning more? Why not get in touch with our team today?

Call and speak to our Global Mobility Team now on +44 2032 303 3208 or email globalmobility@citrusrelocation.com

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