Property Area Statistics

Property area statistics

Want to know more about the standard of local schools, amenities or neighbourhood demographics? Use this free property area statistics app to help you plan for your move.



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Argentina to UK move

We were concerned that although the property was exactly what we wanted, we did not know the area very well. When you are relocating you have to make fast decisions and Citrus’s property search really helped us make the right decision.

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Paola from Argentina


This app, brought to you by our partner Property Detective, is intended to allow you to compare between potential areas to relocate to. A basic overview is provided free of charge for statistics such as average age of residents or average incomes.  If you would like more information this can be obtained through subscription.

Citrus aims to take this relocation property search service one step further when helping you find a suitable location. Firstly you will be taken out by a relocation advisor who has lived or worked in the local area. They will have the local knowledge to answer your relocation questions. If required we can undertake further specific area research into the latest statistics to support you with your move. We can find out information about;

• Walking and driving distances to local schools and amenities
• Local travel information such as bus and train services

• Neighbourhood demographics
• Local crime information
• Potential nuisances including noise, smells and flight paths
• Leisure facilities and essential retail destinations


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