For clients with young children you may need help to find someone to care for them for a few hours a week or even full time. There are a range of childcare options available:


A childminder is somebody who provides childcare for children in the childminder’s own home for more than two hours a day. In England Childminders must be registered with Ofsted which inspects and regulate services that care for children and young people.


A nanny provides childcare for one or more children in the parent’s own home. Nannies can sometimes live-in with the family. Many families have a full-time nanny but it is also popular to employ a part-time nanny or after school live-out nanny.

Au Pairs

An Au Pair travels to the UK to live with a host family, to experience a new culture and to learn a foreign language. In exchange for board, lodging and the opportunity to attend a local language school, the Au Pair will provide childcare and domestic help. An Au Pair is given ‘pocket money’ and is usually not classed as an employee and as such, is not entitled to the standard employee benefits nor subject to the normal tax and national insurance contributions.


A nursery provides day care for children aged from a few weeks old to those about to start primary school. Nurseries usually operate for 5 days day a week and can offer places from half a day to full time care.  Nurseries can be operated by the state (in the local authority area) or independent. We have helped many families to secure the best pre-school childcare over the last 12 years. To provide clients with the best advice we send a questionnaire for completion.  We can then advise on the best options available in the area you will be living in.

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