EU Citizens in the UK

There is so much Brexit news out there people are starting to lose track of what is the current position. What do I have tell my EU Citizen employees, should I be telling them anything at all at this stage? Should we be doing anything, shall we just ignore the situation until we have some primary legislation. We have realised that it is a problem and we have asked our immigration partners Kingsley Napley in Central London to provide an overview of the current position.

We will aim to keep you posted with up to date information and publications once we hear of any changes. We hope that this information will assist HR and Global Mobility Professional to get to the heart of what is happening and are able to take action if required.

If you are an EU national  as a private individual coming to live and work in the UK then it is important that you also understand what is being discussed and seek professional assistance via your HR department or global mobility consultant. We aim to publish up to date information as and when it it is necessary or to publish or run another webinar.

Our Webinar presented by Kingsley Napley will provide a really good overview for people to understand what should happen next and what is happening now. The situation is fluid and every week a different positioning statement appears which often appears to contradict the last. As we enter phase two of the Brexit negotiations then it is important to understand the perceived current position of Brexit for EU Nationals living and working in the UK.



We are delighted that Ilda de Sousa (Partner) and her colleague Carine Elliott (Associate Immigration Lawyer) from one of the premier London Immigration Lawyers Kingsley Napley will provide information and insight on the current UK position. Kingsley Napley are involved with many challenging immigration issues and their team is one of the best in the UK.  Kingsley Napley 

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