Long-term Hotel Residences For Relocation

Living long-term in a hotel may sound like something from a Hollywood film but when you’re looking to relocate and aren’t sure where to lay down roots, long-term residency is often the right solution.

Offering all the comfort of a hotel room with the amenities typical hotel guests are provided such as concierge, access to the pool and gym, and even parking, hotel residences are often very appealing to people looking to relocate. Whilst it can often be the more high-end option for someone looking to relocate, it offers many perks that a short-term rental agreement often can’t.

We explore why a long-term residence is often a great option for international relocation, families and individuals looking to explore a new country without committing to living somewhere first.

What Is A Luxury Residence?

Long-term hotel residences tend to be between seven nights up to 3 months, making them more convenient than finding short-term rental agreements. They’re often a favourite choice for individuals and families who are relocating or moving internationally and want to get to know an area before committing to renting or buying somewhere.

Luxury residences offer all of the comfort and convenience of a hotel; room service, concierge services, daily cleaning and access to the pool and gym facilities. They’re a great space for families too as the suite rooms offer more living space than standard hotel rooms do, allowing residents to enjoy stylish living as they find somewhere more permanent. Long-term residence stays in hotels all come with more privacy as the suites are typically on a quieter floor and often additional perks such as parking are offered as the guests stay for longer.

Also known as serviced accommodation, there are hotels across London and the UK that offer this convenient shorter-term solution meaning it’s an ideal option when finding somewhere new to live. Unlike short-term renting for  3-6 months, living in a hotel suite is a popular option for people who don’t have the time to find a spacious rental or handle the paperwork but need to move quite quickly.

 Short-term renting  vs. Hotel Residency

There are, of course, perks to both short-term renting and choosing a hotel residency, it’s down to the individual and their budgets to decide which option suits their situation best. Short-term rentals are typically serviced apartments with bills such as broadband and water included in the weekly rental price. Much like a hotel residency, it offers all the convenience of a concierge service, access to gym facilities and often daily cleaning services or onsite parking. Serviced apartments are another great option for anyone looking to explore an area quickly before buying or choosing to rent somewhere more long-term.

Luxury dining area in serviced accommodation residency

Short-term renting between 1-6 months is more common in large cities such as London, Bristol and Manchester but outside of the major towns and cities, it can be difficult to find rentals with such short agreements. Hotel residency has increased in popularity over recent years with more people travelling for work and choosing to relocate. With an increase in demand, more hotels have opted to offer long-term stays for guests looking for a more secure option when it comes to short-term accommodation.

Oozing style and interior sophistication, hotel residencies are the perfect solution for high-end clients with particular tastes. As many of the high-end hotel chains such as the Four Seasons and The Langham in London offer longer-term stays, the attraction of their luxury finished rooms are easy to see. Hotel residences combine the best of both worlds for people looking to stay somewhere temporarily as renters can enjoy all of the perks a hotel offers during their stay.

Whether it’s serviced apartments or a hotel residency, renting for a short amount of time is a popular option but it typically comes at a higher cost than longer-term rental options as the service is at a premium. That said, with bills and other amenities often included in the price, it can be a better option for people who don’t want to set up utility accounts or haven’t sorted their personal affairs.

Our lifestyle management services

As part of the relocation services we offer clients, lifestyle management is a big part of what we handle for anyone looking to take the stress out of relocating. Whether it’s moving internationally or finding the right city to settle in, our dedicated team can handle sourcing and booking short-term renting in an apartment or hotel that meets the client’s needs. We can approach each venue with a list of requirements and questions as well as provide clients with as much information as they need to make an informed decision about which shorter-term solution they would prefer.

Our lifestyle management services enable our clients to have more freedom to enjoy their new city and feel instantly at home in a hotel or serviced apartment that offers them everything they need. Our team works closely with the best hotels and apartments in the area of choice to find the best options for each of our clients. If you’re considering a hotel residency or want to learn more about serviced apartments, get in touch with us today.



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