Relocating from South Africa to the UK

Relocating from South Africa to the UK

There has been a large increase in enquiries of South Africans looking to move to the UK. The reasons are varied from economic, political and for personal safety. Many South Africans are seeing the UK has a safe haven for their families and their business. If you are relocating from South Africa to the UK, then there are important things to consider.

For anyone relocating from South Africa to the UK,  although English is a common language the processes and challenges of moving to a foreign country can be overwhelming at times. We recently received a call from a distraught assignee, who had decided to move without any relocation assistance. Moving without help ended in six weeks of chaos which resulted in the assignee contacting us for help.

When moving to the UK from South Africa then you will need permits and the right to remain status approved by the UK government. We can help you with all types of applications. If you have money to invest into the UK then the government process becomes easier. All of this is subject to change, so early enquiries are essential to take advantage of the current situation here in the UK.

For those with investment funds The Investor Scheme is setup under the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Investment Programme. This will give you the opportunity of obtaining entry clearance. There are two entrance schemes on offer; the 50,000 Investment Fund scheme and the £200,000 Investment Fund Scheme. Citrus can arrange for you to talk to our experts who can advise you and help with all the paperwork relating to these schemes.

Citrus Relocation

Citrus Relocation is an award winning relocation consultancy. Advising many people relocating from South Africa to the UK. We understand many of the pressures that encourage South Africans to make a new life in the UK. We have great long standing partnerships in the UK to help support all of your relocation needs. Consider Citrus as a one stop shop for all of your relocation requirements.

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